Mein Chand Si Episode 08 – ARY Zindagi Drama

Episode 08 – 17th January 2017 HD Quality only on ARY Zindagi Official YouTube Channel.

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Main Chaand Si is a story revolving around Irsa (Saba Qamar), Salaar (Sami Khan), and Farhan (Fahad Mustafa). Irsa thinks she extremely beautiful, hence the name, Main Chaand Si. She gets married to Salaar in hopes of money and riches. Later she realizes how conservative his family is, and rebels against burqa, dressing in eastern clothes, etc… Salaar’s family constantly hates her actions, and don’t accept her as a true bahu. Irsa’s family however, is more “modern” relating to acting pretty close with cousins, dancing at shadis, and all. At an engagement, Irsa dances with Farhan and a video is taken of her by her brother in law’s son
and given to Salaar. Salaar gets mad and calls Irsa’s mom names. Irsa finds out and she refuses to go back home, causing Salaar to threaten Irsa on divorce over the phone.

Writer : Memona Khurshid Ali

Director : Babar Javaid


Fahad Mustafa,
Qaiser Naqvi,
Saba Qamar,
Sana Askari,
Sami Khan Niazi.